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Thai Recipe and New Item Update / ImportFood

Hello and Happy Friday.  The big news we can report today is that a lot of things are *really* short in supply right now, mainly staples like coconut milk, jasmine rice, and almost no rice stick noodles available at the wholesale level so if you're local restaurant removes the noodle dishes, you heard it first from us. We are also getting calls from other companies asking to buy everything we have.  We aren't sure what the future holds (what the heck is going on?) but we do have inventory right now for most items so order with confidence.  If ever there was a time to buckle up this seems like it.

OK, so here are newest arrivals and recommendations:

NEW: Lays Thailand Esan Hot Pot

Lays Thailand consistently adds unique flavors to the classic potato chip, often tourists love them and add a few bags to their suitcase because there's no distribution of these flavors outside of Thailand.

Here's our newest arrival -- Esan Hot Pot Flavor.

SEE: Lays Thailand Esan Hot Pot

Smoked Fish Chilli Paste - Mae Pranom

New product from premium producer Mae Pranom. It says in Thai "Pla Yang" (pla = fish, yang = grilled). This is smoked fish chili paste with a true Thai flavor that wouldn't usually be found outside of Thailand.

Packed in a strong plastic container with tightly-sealing, well constructed lid.

Ingredients: dried chili, smoked fish, tamarind, garlic, onion, sugar, fish sauce, salt.

SEE: Fish Chilli Paste - Mae Pranom

Back in Stock: Cock brand Palm Sugar

This item is both extremely high quality, and extremely hard to get (in tight supply).  

We just got a few cases today so it's brand new stock.  Please limit to one or two packs.

SEE: Cock brand Palm Sugar

On Sale: Walk in The Jungle Knife, Handmade in Thailand

A relatively thick and beautifully designed knife with a great name "Mete Dun Pa" which translates as "walk in jungle knife". Ready for action if a wild boar comes your way. The blade is 3/16" thick. Cut, pounded, shaped, sharpened and finished by hand. 7.5" blade. Total length is 12". Comes with a hand-cut and hand-sewn vinyl sheath.

SEE: Walk in The Jungle Knife

NEW Recipe: Thai Baby Corn Stir Fry

Our Thai baby corn is crisp, full of flavor, and perfect for stir fry with meat and seafood. In this recipe we share the important simple tricks so you can do it all in your own kitchen quickly. Adding tapioca starch at the end ties the flavors together and gives it an elegant finish glaze. 

SEE: Thai Baby Corn Stir Fry

Tapioca Starch 

Used to thicken various Asian dishes, we've been using a lot of this lately with so many recipes.

Made from pure tapioca, the general purpose is similar to flour. Tapioca starch is also called tapioca flour.

We have the best from Erawan. Check it out and the recipes you can make with it.

SEE: Tapioca Starch

Som Tum Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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