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Thai Fish Sauce and Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again! Today we have a new, elegant and mild all-natural fish sauce made in Thailand from "Oyster" brand in a small 7 oz bottle. Also featuring new Tom Yum noodles, Thai Fanta is on sale, see our Pork Belly Panang recipe, and more.

NEW: Fish Sauce, Oyster Brand

Oyster brand is a mild, elegant fish sauce and we highly recommend it, in a convenient glass bottle. Made from natural ingredients.

SEE: Fish Sauce, Oyster Brand

Instant Tom Yum Seafood

For years Mama brand has been the indisputed leader for instant Thai noodles, but we find this "Fashion Food" brand to have an amazingly delicious taste and quality. It's truly remarkable, a delicious instant noodle with the most convenient packaging.

SEE: Instant Tom Yum Seafood

Authentic Thai Recipe: Chilli Garlic Peanut Sauce

This delicious, spicy sauce is very easy to make if you have the right equipment, mainly the granite mortar and pestle which does all the work for you.

In just a few minutes you can pound these together and serve generously with sliced beef, as we did here.

SEE: Chilli Garlic Peanut Sauce Recipe

 Thai Panang Pork - Delicious Recipe

We made this using some pork belly we got at a local grocery store. We sliced it as shown in photo below. Prepared slowly with our new, premium, all-natural panang curry paste from Mae Pranom and the best coconut milk and palm sugar.

SEE: Thai Panang Pork Recipe

On Sale - Thai Fanta / Cream Soda

Thai Fanta produced in Thailand has a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else. Very popular outside of Thailand.

Cream Soda is the most popular. We only get it a few times per year, so now is a good time to order at a discount.

SEE: Thai Fanta / Cream Soda

New Crop Fragrant Jasmine Rice - Aroy D

We've had excellent feedback on our new shipment of Aroy D brand 2021 New Crop Thai Jasmine Rice. Enjoy strong jasmine aroma and the very best overall quality.  In a convenient 5 pound bag at a great price.

SEE: New Crop Fragrant Jasmine Rice - Aroy D

Thai Granite Mortar and Pestle / Father's Day
Fresh Thai Produce Update / ImportFood

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