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​Hello again and thanks for visiting!  Today we feature Crying Tiger Beef recipe, along with several feature items that are new or back in stock.  


A Thai/Chinese dish that's easy to prepare with this yentafo sauce made in Thailand.

Yentafo has a unique flavor and distinctive red color. We are offering Pantainorasingh brand.

SEE: Yentafo Sauce

NEW: Thai Ground Chilli with Garlic, Aroy-D

A mix of fragrant Thai garlic, chili, oils and spices. It's very spicy, adds a true Thai kick to whatever you're cooking.

Heavy aroma of Thai garlic, and rich flavor of biting Thai chiles. 

SEE: Thai Ground Chilli w/Garlic, Aroy-D

NEW: Stainless Vacuum Bottle - Zebra Trendy

Offered in Blue and also in Pink.  This Trendy design from Zebra Thailand is a modestly-sized stainless vacuum bottle. At 12 oz it feels just right, for those who don't like to carry around a giant thermos.

SEE: Stainless Bottle - Zebra Trendy

New Stock: Mama Kua Chap

Kua chap is a unique instant soup, as the noodles are in a circular shape (like macaroni) and the flavor is mild. Lovely aroma and a distinct elegant spice from white pepper.

One of our favorite Mama brand instant noodle soups.

SEE: Mama Kua Chap

Low Stock: Tao Burner

A small and convenient way to cook outdoors. Used for generations, this clay oven is now more efficient than ever thanks to a new design. 

With very little charcoal it becomes hot like a volcano. The top is contoured to work with a wok or the grill we offer.  

Getting low on these now, you might want to order now for the summer.

SEE: Tao Burner

Feature Recipe: Crying Tiger Beef

A nice charcoal broiled steak recipe served with really spicy sauce that you make yourself.  Check it out !

SEE: Crying Tiger Beef

Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update
February Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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