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Thai New Crop 2021 Jasmine Rice Update

Brand new crop jasmine rice is here, Healthy Boy Sriracha is being discontinued, and more!

Thai Jasmine Rice 2021 New Crop

Every year in mid/late January we get the first 'New Crop' of Thai jasmine rice. This rice has a unique, slightly wet character. It was just harvested, packed and rushed to market like a new Beaujolais. 

Many people enjoy experiencing very new rice, as it has more fragrance and is slightly softer.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice 2021 New Crop

Last Call: Healthy Boy Sriracha

We will no longer carry this due to slow demand, so this is the last chance to buy a few bottles if you'd like to.  The 'Best By' date is July 2021.

This new Sriracha has a nice hot bite, not mild at all, but it's also not too strong. Just the right high heat that still stings a bit, but doesn't overwhelm.

An excellent Sriracha that we highly recommend - perhaps the best you've ever tasted.

SEE: Healthy Boy Sriracha

Feature: Mama Soup Soup

This "Tom Yum Sour Soup" flavor from Mama looks nondescript, but many customers are fanatics. Unique taste unlike any other instant noodle. Nice and sour and pleasant mild spice heat (not very spicy).

SEE: Mama Soup Soup

Back in Stock: Battleship Fried White Fish

This is one of the first items offered by when we started in 1999. Battleship brand makes very high quality, clean and delicious fish snacks.

The fish are cooked and mildly spiced with soy sauce, sugar, and Thai chili peppers. This is a delicious snack food--thin little fish chips. Try some and you will be pleasantly surprised. We also offer a similar snack: fried mackerel in chilli.

SEE: Battleship Fried White Fish

Tom Yum Kit - Fresh Thai Produce

At most morning markets in Thailand, and even in local neighborhood 7-11 shops, a "Tom Yum Kit" is sold containing a handful of lemongrass, galangal, chiles, lime leaves, and if you're lucky a lime or two. Sold in a plastic bag, ready to take home and cook up your own tom yum soup.

Here we have a nice variety of excellent quality fresh Thai herbs shipped to you via 2 Day Fedex for a really great price. It's not too common that in the middle of winter we have such an abundance of great quality fresh tom yum ingredients. 

SEE: Tom Yum Kit - Fresh Thai Produce

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