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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and once again, Welcome Back!  We've just created simple, perfect panko shrimp. Served with Thai sweet chilli sauce they're so simple, crispy and delicious.  Thai Fanta is back in stock and we expect will sell out quickly again, so you might buy now at the great price we can offer. Hand Brand Seven Taste is also back in stock, and more. See it all below. Thanks for your support!

NEW: Panko Shrimp

1/ Dredge in flour then dip in egg white.
2/ Roll the shrimp in panko then fry in about 2" of oil on medium heat.
3/ Enjoy a perfect panko shrimp.

SEE: Panko Shrimp

Back in Stock: Whole Green Peppercorn

Lovely, exotic peppercorns grow in bunches on little vines 3-4" long. The flavor is distinctively black pepper but these are 'baby' vines harvested long before maturity. Mild flavor, you can pick a few berries off the vine and pop them in your mouth along with meat and seafood.

This is a great garnish for seafood, as we show in photos below, as well as steaks and lamb

SEE: Whole Green Peppercorn

Brand New Stock: Thai Fanta Cream Soda Cans

Thai Fanta produced in Thailand has a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else.

Cream Soda, shown center, is the most popular. We only get it a few times per year, so now is a good time to order! The cans we just got are offered at less than half the cost of the bottles.

SEE: Thai Fanta Cream Soda Cans

Back in Stock: Thai Holy Basil

Use this aromatic dried holy basil leaf, which is ground to a fairly fine powder, to add unique flavor to a wide variety of dishes.

It has a wonderful aroma and slightly peppery flavor. Excellent quality basil, grown and packed in Thailand by premier brand Nugan Soon. 

SEE: Thai Holy Basil

Back in Stock: Seven Taste - Hand Brand

We introduced this last summer and quickly sold out, now more is back in stock. Hand Brand's Seven Taste Thai Chilli is a combination that contains the following:


Use this as a condiment in Japanese noodle soups, stir-fry noodle, grilled, bbq or stew dishes.

See: Seven Taste - Hand Brand

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce For Spring Rolls

Made by Aroy-D, highest quality ingredients, great sweet taste with slightly sharp chili bite. 

The perfect sauce to serve with our Panko Shrimp recipe above.

SEE: Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce for Spring Rolls

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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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