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Thai Recipe Update /

 Hello Again!  Quick update to let you know what we just received today from Thailand, and share one of our old Thai Street Vendor Videos demonstrating how to make steamed buns.

Feature Thai Recipe: Steamed Buns - Salapao

 The version featured in our street vendor video is made with bamboo, dried shrimp and various Thai spices. Also see our recipe how we prepared it with pork.

SEE: Make Steamed Buns Like a Street Vendor

 Back in Stock: Classic Gold Tin Can - Hand Brand

An essential ingredient for Thai dishes, including the Salapao featured above. Many people in Thailand put this on almost everything. We just got the classic gold tin can as shown. You get 20 grams, which is about 2.5 tablespoons.

SEE: Prik Thai Classic Gold Tin Can - Hand Brand

Back in Stock: Thai Young Green Peppercorn

This just arrived, fresh as can be. See the lovely green color. Excellent taste and recipes found on our product page.

Exotic peppercorns grow in bunches on little vines 3-4" long. The flavor is distinctively black pepper but these are 'baby' vines harvested long before maturity. Mild flavor, you can pick a few berries off the vine and pop them in your mouth along with meat and seafood.

SEE: Thai Young Green Peppercorn

NEW Stock: Aroy-D All Natural Coconut Milk

We just received a shipment directly from Thailand of Aroy-D all natural coconut milk.

The 8.5oz and 33oz Aroy-D milk is has Expiry Date of March 2021 so this is as fresh as you can get.

SEE: Aroy-D All Natural Coconut Milk

 Back in Stock: Stainless Thai Cleaver

Similar to our machete cleaver, this is a nice stainless steel with thick blade and molded handle with is hand-finished at the end. Can be sharpened over and over again.

SEE: Stainless Thai Cleaver

Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update
January Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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