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Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / ImportFood

Hello Again and Welcome Back!  Today we have a more interesting newsletter than usual.  We launched a little Thai popsicle stand at a local city festival with great success, and love to share with you how it went. Ever dream about starting your own business? 

NEW: ImportFood at Hyde Park Street Fair - Thai Popsicles!

We sold hand crafted popsicles using our Thai Popsicle Machine at Hyde Park Street Fair near downtown Boise Idaho. This was a great experience and we actually made some money! Here's our story of how we got the whole thing started and what we did during the Fair. 

SEE: ImportFood at Hyde Park Street Fair - Thai Popsicles!

​NEW: ImportFood Thai Popsicle Shirt

We've never sold shirts before but these were a lot of fun as part of our popsicle stand, and we welcome our customers to buy one at our cost.  Lots of people asked how they could get one.  Silk screened by hand in Boise Idaho.

SEE: ImportFood Thai Popsicle Shirt

 NEW: Healthy Boy Extra Spicy Sriracha Sauce

This new Sriracha from world-famous Healthy Boy is made to the highest standard, has a nice hot bite, but it's also not overly heavy. Just the right high heat that still stings, but doesn't overwhelm.   They say it's extra spicy so be warned, but we find it a pleasant heat. Very highly recommended.

SEE: Healthy Boy Spicy Sriracha Sauce

NEW: Fresh Red Thai Chilli Peppers - Special Fall Harvest

Every year in late September we get these fresh red Thai chilli peppers from California. The color is a deeper red (we took these pictures today when the chillies came in) and they are slightly more plump.

Flavor is a real blast, with slight fruity notes at first followed by a true, strong Thai chilli heat. These are perfect for any use when calling for fresh red chillies.  They freeze well and we really suggest getting 1-2 lbs to keep on hand.

SEE: Fresh Red Thai Chilli Peppers - Special Fall Harvest

NEW: Healthy Boy Steak Dipping Sauce

A steak dipping sauce from Healthy Boy, with sour notes of tamarind, black pepper, and hint of Thai chilli pepper. A lot like A-1 Steak Sauce with a gentle Asian twist. 

SEE: Healthy Boy Steak Dipping Sauce

NEW: Pickled Green Chilli Peppers

Fresh green chile packed in water and salt. Grown in Thailand, the famed bird chilli pepper, or prik ki nu, are harvested at just the right time and only the very best are hand-selected to be packed in a modern facility for export. 

SEE: Pickled Green Chilli Peppers

Back in Stock: Pickled Ground Red Chilli

These ground red Thai chili peppers are strong but not overpowering, a very nice medium heat pickled pepper.

We enjoyed serving this along with barbecue steak. We also put it in a small bowl and added some fish sauce -- a very tasty dipping sauce.

SEE: Pickled Ground Red Chilli

Aroy-D Thai Sticky Rice - October / November

Every year without fail in October or November we start to run out of sticky rice until the new crop starts in January.  This year we are already seeing prices increase quite a bit (20% at the wholesale level) and we're still in September.  We acquired some extra quantity this week of Aroy-D sticky rice, in the convenient 5# bag.  Have not increased price also.  Good time to order given our $5 flat rate deal.

SEE: Aroy-D Thai Sticky Rice

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