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Thai Recipe and Street Vendor Update / ImportFood

Hello Again, and Happy Saturday! Today we offer pure all-natural Kaset bean thread, and feature an old street vendor video showing some preparation technique.  We also have Fanta cream soda back in stock, Flying Lion, wasabi peas on clearance sale, innovative new Fashion Food noodles, and more.  Thank you for visiting.

Clearance Sale - Koh Kae Wasabi Peas

Koh Kae brand uses 12 month "Best By" date and what we have now says "Best By 10/31/2022" so we are offering at less than cost in order to move the remaining stock. Flavor is very good and fresh.

Wasabi peas have an addictive flavor and they're hard to put down. These are enjoyed throughout Thailand especially in recent years, as Thais enjoy the high heat of wasabi.

SEE: Clearance Sale - Koh Kae Wasabi Peas

Back in Stock - Thai Fanta Cream Soda Bottles

This is a brand new shipment of Thai Fanta, which is produced in Thailand and has a unique flavor you won't find anywhere else.

Cream Soda flavor, now available in a the most popular glass bottle

SEE: Thai Fanta Cream Soda Bottles

Thai Bean Thread Noodles, Kaset

Bean Thread Noodles or Mung Bean Vermicelli (also known as glass noodles or cellophane noodles) are made from all natural pure ground mung beans. Nowadays, however, many merchants offer inferior quality glass noodles made with flour not from mung beans.

These are the very best quality, original bean thread from Thailand "Kaset" brand. 

SEE: Thai Bean Thread Noodles, Kaset

Feature: Thai Street Vendor Video - Laab Woonsen

In this video, a sidewalk chef prepares Larb Woonsen with prawns and squid (seafood version). One thing we forgot to mention in the video is that the final dish is garnished with fresh mint leaves (as shown in the photo below). Larb woonsen is loaded with flavor and we encourage you to try this at home. 

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Video - Laab Woonsen

Feature Recipe: Pork Leg on Rice, Khao Kha Moo

Khao Kha Moo is one of those ubiquitous dishes served by street vendors throughout Thailand. If you think it's hard to make at home--it's not! This recipe makes a wonderful khao kha moo but be sure to use pork shank, fresh. 

SEE: Pork Leg on Rice, Khao Kha Moo

Back in Stock - Flying Lion Fish Sauce, Large Bottle

Flying Lion is the ultra-premium fish sauce manufactured by Three Crabs. It's expensive and many people swear it's worth the high cost. You won't find restaurants spending this much on fish sauce. According to the manufacturer, it has a smooth flavor and pleasant sweetness. It's definitely a superior product that you can use with the confidence of knowing you paid for and received the best.

SEE: Flying Lion Fish Sauce, Large Bottle

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