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Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back! For the next three days only we're offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping, Enjoy our new Kee Mao recipe prepared with just a touch of Thai MSG, get a free Mae Pranom chilli powder, see our family favorite Golden Mountain, really fresh kaffir lime leaves, and more. Thanks for supporting as we enter our 25th year in business!

Thai Chilli Paste White Can - Chilli Powder Set

Extremely high quality Thai pastes using the finest ingredients. The white can is very distinctive, versatile, and rarely seen outside of Thailand.

Order now and get a free Mae Pranom chilli powder.

We import this directly from Mae Pranom, the very best company producing these products using the finest ingredients. You won't see this in any stores because it's special order and an expensive item not exported to others.

SEE: Thai Chilli Paste White Can - Chilli Powder Set

Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves via 2 Day

Newly harvested this week, fresh as can be. Kaffir lime leaf adds an unmistakable, refereshing taste that is essential in many Thai soups & curries.

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves

NEW Thai Recipe: Thai Drunken Noodles, Kee Mao

This is a new, slightly less-spicy version of our original kee mao recipe.

Kee Mao are drunken noodles, meaning eaten drunk, fiery hot spice level.

Has a touch of MSG which is optional but recommended here to get the optimal flavor.

SEE: Thai Drunken Noodles, Kee Mao Recipe

Family Favorite - Gluten Free Golden Mountain Sauce

Family Favorite. Our son just visited and used this on everything.

Original Golden Mountain Sauce is enjoyed throughout Thailand and used in homes & street vendor shops nationwide.

This Gluten Free version is extremely popular. Buy one get one free while supplies last.

SEE: Gluten Free Golden Mountain Sauce

Thai Holy Basil Chicken

Start by cutting vegetables of your choice, we used carrot and red bell pepper sliced using our Wave Knife, and snow peas. Submerge the vegetables in boiling water for 30 seconds. Fry with a bit of chopped garlic and sliced onion then add sliced chicken, Chilli Paste with Holy Basil Leaves and mix well then finish by adding the vegetables and mix briefly before serving

SEE: Thai Holy Basil Chicken

Savoy Coconut Cream

The brand Savoy is reserved for coconut cream, the same company as Aroy-D brand coconut milk.

Coconut cream is a top choice for bakers of any dessert recipes that call for coconut milk, and added this to our tom yum soup with great results.

SEE: Savoy Coconut Cream

New Stock: European Maggi

This is highly-sought Maggi for the European market, made in Germany. Just arrived, 

Packed in a most attractive glass bottle with MAGGI letters embossed on front, and a sophisticated cap that ensures just the right small amount comes out.

European formula tastes very similar to the Asian Maggi but you notice slightly darker, thicker, smokier hints. Within the Asian community this version is quite popular but it's a few dollars higher per bottle. We don't get it very often and this is nearly our cost. We highly recommend you try this seasoning sauce.

SEE: European Maggi

FF Instant Fresh Thai Noodles

These 'instant fresh' noodles are brand new from FF, an innovative company that created noodle bowls.

Just boil for a few minutes then use in stir-fry as a typical fresh egg noodle would, or fry in oil for a spectacular crispy noodle meal. We demonstrate now to use them, see our recipe here.

SEE: FF Instant Fresh Thai Noodles

Laksa Soup with Shrimp Balls

Made with our Laksa Paste from Por Kwan Thailand and our delicious home-made shrimp balls. Served over rice noodles, this is a complete meal full of flavor.

SEE: Laksa Soup with Shrimp Balls

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