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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

 Hello again and Happy Friday.  Today we highlight Thai vermicelli noodles, Fresh Thai Produce, Lobo nampla wan is back in stock, and our Japanese pantry has been selling more than ever.

Wai Wai Vermicelli

Simply cook (or soak) in warm water for just two minutes, and they make a really healthy, hearty meal stir-fried or in soup. Add sliced meat and vegetables if you prefer.  See our new recipe.

SEE: Wai Wai Vermicelli

Fresh Thai Produce

We have been selling a lot of fresh produce in recent week, so we've ordered more from growers and can now supply plenty more.  Fresh Thai chili peppers, lemongrass, etc. Order now for shipment Monday via 2 Day Express.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce Kit

Hontsuyu Sauce 

Our Japanese Pantry section is full of high quality essentials, and we've been selling more than ever.  See our brand new shipment of Hontsuyu sauce here and poke around the rest of what we offer from Japan.

SEE: Hontsuyu Sauce

Back in Stock: Lobo Nampla Wan

Nampla wan (nampla = fish sauce, wan = sweet) is a salty and sweet dip that has the consistency of jelly. Dip any fruit, especially sour fruit, into this before eating. Very tasty with sour green mango, radish, granny smith apple, or anything you might like.

SEE: Lobo Nampla Wan

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
New Year Thai Recipe & Flat Rate Shipping Update

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