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New Year Thai Recipe & Flat Rate Shipping Update

Hello again, welcome back, and Happy New Year!  We have a few new items, a new recipe, and a few special offers to help bring in the new year. 

​NEW: Lays Potato Chip Wingz Zabb w/KFC

Here's a new flavor we just got from Lays Thailand - Wingz Zabb made in collaboraiton with KFC. The chips themselves are 'Lays Rock(R) Ridged'. These would be among our favorite flavor, a bit sour and slightly spicy. Uniquely Thai and delicious.

SEE: Lays Potato Chip Wingz Zabb w/KFC

New Stock: Yellow Lid Golden Mountain Sauce

This is a seasoned soy sauce that's fermented without using wheat. Taste is quite similar to the original version.

Packed in a distinctive 7 oz plastic jar.

SEE: Yellow Lid Golden Mountain Sauce

 NEW Recipe: Bouillon Cube Seafood Soup

This is a quick, convenient seafood soup using bouillon cubes, with added flavor from tom yum paste. We added a few small cubes of tofu but that's not necessary.

SEE: Bouillon Cube Seafood Soup

Chicken Bouillon Cubes - Knorr

Knorr brand of Switzerland has offered fine quality products that have been popular throughout Asia for years.

This is a box that has inside six tasty chicken bouillon cubes, each wrapped in foil. Simply add one cube in 2 cups of water.  We used these to quickly make the seafood soup above.

SEE: Chicken Bouillon Cubes - Knorr

NEW: Narog Chilli Paste, Pantai

Narog means 'hell' in Thai language, and this has a higher chile heat than most. Simply spoon over steamed jasmine rice or use as a dip with fresh vegetables.

Namprik is the original Thai chile paste and it's hard to find in the United States. Most Thai people leaving their country don't go without a few jars of their favorite namprik.

 SEE: Narog Chilli Paste

 On Sale: 5# Jasmine Rice, $10.00 REG $13.50

New Crop 2020 we got in August, so it's as fresh as 2020 crop can be (late harvest).  Highest quality export grade, new in Royal Umbrella brand, our favorite for many years.  This is packed in a nice thick resealable bag. On the bag are various awards Royal Umbrella has won, including 'World's Best Rice'. Also note the symbol as being tested for genetic purity, as Thai jasmine rice. Great deal, especially with our flat rate shipping deal.

SEE: 5# Jasmine Rice

NEW: Bun Tuoi Noodles

We introduced these recently and sales have been very strong.  Highly recommended, see our recipe.

We have the best quality in Twin Lobster brand.

SEE: Bun Tuoi Noodles

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