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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

We are having a One Dollar Sale on several items this weekend. Also, our Aroy-D massaman is new stock, inexpensive, and we show how to make it. Wishing you a happy Easter weekend! Please take a look at our delicious cooking ideas below:

 One Dollar Sale - Mae Pranom Nam Pla Wan

On Sale This Week Only. Regular Price $5.89. Limit 3. This is great product we imported directly from Mae Pranom, with Best By Date of December 2024. Give it a try!

Elegant sweet and salty dipping sauce, packed in a glass bottle. This is mild-hot. made with coconut palm sugar.

SEE: Mae Pranom Nam Pla Wan

One Dollar Sale - Thai Tempura Flour, Gogi

This is a good quality multi-purpose instant self-raising batter that can be used to make all types of meat, seafood and vegetables.

With restaurant prices going through the roof, this is a great way to save money and make it better at home!

Checkout our 5 minute recipe to make quick delicious onion rings.

SEE: Thai Tempura Flour, Gogi

Back in Stock: Kopiko Coffee Candy, Cappuccino

Candy with a strong coffee-flavored center is popular throughout Asia. This is from Kopiko, made in Indonesia. Cappuccino flavor is traditional coffee candy stucky to a milky candy, see picutre below.

In each pack you get 28 individually-packaged candies sealed in a modern, foil, air-tight wrapper. Similar to something you might find at a restaurant for an after-dinner candy treat.

SEE: Kopiko Coffee Candy, Cappuccino

Thai Massaman Curry Paste - Aroy-D

We are offering fresh stock from Aroy-D which is a more expensive curry paste with a greater concentration of rich spices and the flavor is not harsh in any way.

With our premium Aroy-d, you get one 14 oz package, enough Thai curry to prepare dozens of meals. We like the rich, fresh flavor. Taste is complex and heavier to the natural herbs, as only the best all natural ingredients are used.

SEE: Thai Massaman Curry Paste - Aroy-D

Thai Massaman Beef - Gaeng Massaman

Massaman cooked slowly with tender beef is one of our personal favorites, and many people who call us to order mention that they love massaman beef.

This massaman is simple, and loaded with flavor.

SEE: Thai Massaman Beef - Gaeng Massaman

One Dollar Sale - Lobo brand, Sweet and Sour

Modern flavor from famous brand Lobo, manufacturer of a wide range of excellent quality spice mixes (see below).

The package contains a recipe for sweet and sour chicken, suggesting you prepare the chicken first with Gogi tempura powder. 

SEE: Lobo brand, Sweet and Sour

April Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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