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Thai Recipe Update / Tamarind Soup - Japanese Knives

​Hello again and welcome back!  Six months ago we introduced extremely sharp, professional knives made entirely by hand in Japan.  We sold out quickly and received excellent feedback.  After a long wait, a new shipment just arrived of the same knives.

We also have a new recipe for a hot and sour seafood soup made with tamarind.

​Back: Handmade in Japan - Santoku

This knife blade is made entirely by hand at a master craftsman's shop in Sakai, the area best known for making the finest knives of Japan. The sharpest knife you'll ever own, and it stays sharp! After waiting 4 months, we got a few more.

Great as all my knives are, they seem almost dull compared to the Japanese knife I got from you. Scary sharp. I want more for my kids.

Terry Koper, Third Generation Butcher, Oconomowoc WI

SEE: Handmade Santoku Blue Steel

NEW RECIPE: Thai Seafood Tamarind Soup

We prepared this delicious Thai hot and sour soup at a campground using a simple pan and just a few ingredients. It's so simple to make yet full of rich flavor you'd think it could only come from a large sophisticated restaurant.

SEE: Tamarind Soup with Seafood  

Tamarind Paste

The key behind adding natural sour flavor to so many ingredients, the highest quality tamarind comes from Thailand and we've got the best. Used in our new seafood soup recipe above. 

Tamarind grows on beautiful trees (see photos below) and is harvested throughout Thailand in February/March. After harvest, the brown leather-like skin and the black seeds are removed by hand. 

SEE: Tamarind Paste

NEW: Flying Lion Fish Sauce

Flying Lion is the ultra-premium fish sauce manufactured by Three Crabs. It's expensive and many people swear it's worth the high cost. You won't find restaurants spending this much on fish sauce.  We've been using it in Thai soups, including our new tamarind seafood soup, with great results.

SEE: Flying Lion Fish Sauce

NEW Harvest: Fresh Red Thai Chillies

These chillies have a nice and strong, true Thai chile heat. Fresh pick. Available on a seasonal basis and always sought after for Thai recipes, we have a few dozen pounds today that have strong, bold, rich spicy Thai flavor.

SEE: Fresh Thai Red Chili Peppers

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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Sunday, 12 July 2020

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