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Thai Recipe & Spicy Chips Update / ImportFood

Hello again!  Today we have so much to share.  We show you the simple steps to create a marvelous fried rice, we have two new Lays Thailand flavors, and a superb spicy yellow sour bamboo curry.  Fresh Kaffir Limes are back in stock, and Healthy Boy has a brand new export fish sauce.,

NEW Recipe: Thai Fried Rice w/Prik Pao

Thai Fried Rice is simple and a full meal that can be quickly cooked. Here we show you all the steps. Be sure to add Prik Pao which really enhances your fried rice.

Serve hot and enjoy!

SEE: Thai Fried Rice w/Prik Pao

NEW Yellow Sour Curry, Maesri

Maesri Yellow Sour is made from cobia fish caught in the Gulf of Thailand, and this is in our opinion the most delicious curry from Maesri.

Slightly spicy, and loaded with rich flavor, the consistency is also smooth.

SEE: Yellow Sour Curry, Maesri

NEW Healthy Boy Premium Quality Fish Sauce

Healthy Boy produces the very best sauces from state-of-the-art modern equipment, with a focus on using the highest quality ingredients and all natural fermenting.

Their new fish sauce is just here, just launched for export to USA.

SEE: Healthy Boy Premium Quality Fish Sauce

NEW: Thai Lays Max Barbecue Pork

Here's a new flavor we just got from Lays Thailand, in their extra spicy 'MAX' product line - Barbecue Pork Zab Seed.

Zab means 'spicy' and Seed refers to the sound one makes when the mouth is full of saliva and you inhale with an open mouth through clenched teeth. So this is marked as being so spicy that you clench your teeth.

We find them to be nice and spicy but it's not too heavy, still quite nice flavor overall.

SEE: Thai Lays Max Barbecue Pork

NEW: Thai Lays Spicy Korean Ramen

Here's the newest flavor we just got from Lays Thailand - Spicy Korean Ramen.

These are the spiciest (hottest) Thai Lays we have, so watch out. If you like really spicy, you'll love these.

Uniquely Thai and delicious.

SEE: Thai Lays Spicy Korean Ramen

Back in Stock: Fresh Kaffir Limes

Brand new harvest just arrived this week.  Thinly-sliced, these are an excellent substitute for the kaffir lime leaves. Kaffir lime peel is also indispensable when making your own Thai curry paste.

You get 10 fresh limes and we upgrade shipping of all orders to Express 2 Day.

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Limes

Mae Pranom White Can Prik Pao

This is the key in our new Fried Rice Recipe (above) and our authentic Tom Yum recipe from last week (see product page).  

We are the first to import this fantastic product direct from Mae Pranom, the freshest and most delicious 'Prik Pao' you will ever taste.

White Can is designated as specialized for the local Thai market.

SEE: Mae Pranom White Can Prik Pao

May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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