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September Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back.  Fresh kaffir lime limes are finally in stock, new harvest just off the tree a few days ago. The peel is loaded with a fragrant citrus oil, and the flavor of the fruit is overwhelming if eaten. A key ingredient in Thai curry paste. 

Our feature Thai recipe for pork leg soup is a family favorite we always make when our kids visit.  A bit time consuming but well worth it.

We also have plenty of items in our Japanese pantry this week.

Thanks for visiting!

Fresh Harvest - Kaffir Limes

Just off the tree, first harvest of the year.  You get 10 fresh limes and we upgrade shipping of all orders to Express 2 Day.

Checkout the fresh limes and recipes we feature using them.

SEE: Fresh Harvest - Kaffir Limes

Authentic Thai Recipe: Pork Leg on Rice

This slow-cooked recipe is always served with hard-boiled egg and pickled mustard green. It's a family favorite we make when the kids come home to visit. Many street vendors in Thailand specialize in this and sell out each day no problem.

Try to get a front leg, as the back legs contain more fat and less meat.

SEE: Pork Leg on Rice

Back in Stock: Large Thai Cleaver

Here is a huge cleaver, with a really long blade. Total length is 13 3/4". Blade is 8 1/2" long, and 3 1/4" tall with a wood handle and three brass rivets.

This Thai Cleaver is very sharp. Made in Thailand. The blade is thick stainless steel and the handle is longlasting hardwood firmly attached with brass rivets.

SEE: Large Thai Cleaver

Japanese Pantry: Inaka Udon

Udon noodles are thick Japanese noodles made of wheat flour. They can be eaten hot or cold.

We recently enjoyed Udon soup and have a recipe to share.

Our premium quality soba noodles in Shirakiku brand are made in Japan, and come in a generous 16 package.

SEE: Inaka Udon

Japanese Pantry: Katsuobushi

To make dashi stock simply put 4 cups water in a pan and heat on medium heat. Just before the water boils, add 1/2 cup katsuobushi flakes. When the water boils, stop the heat and strain the broth.

SEE: Katsuobushi

Japanese Pantry: Ginger Prepared in Tube

This is a high quality ginger imported from Japan, packed in a convenient squeeze tube with cap as shown.

We love the flavor of this ginger and highly recommend you try adding it to our Udon Noodle Recipe.

Japanese Pantry: Ginger Prepared in Tube

Japanese Pantry: Prepared Wasabi

This is the S&B premium wasabi version, with "No Color Added" and a gold label to distinguish it as their top line. Made with real wasabi.

Wasabi is a condiment traditionally served with raw fish (sushi and sashimi) and noodle dishes in Japan.

SEE: Prepared Wasabi

Japanese Style Curry Rice

Vermont curry is a remarkably delicious curry sauce mix that makes one of the most popular dishes in Japan--rich and delicious curry with a touch of apple and honey.

This Japanese-Style Curry Rice recipe, made with our Vermont Curry Sauce Mix is great over steamed jasmine rice.

SEE: Japanese Curry Rice

Fresh Thai Produce

We have a great selection of Fresh Thai Produce, late summer is a great time for availability of high quality Thai produce delivered to your door via 2 Day.

Fresh Thai Produce

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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