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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Today we are excited to share two recipes prepared using unique, triangle-shaped rice flake.  We're also having a big sale on rice varietals.  Thanks for visiting.

Thai Rice Flake

Rice flake is all natural, made from rice flour, and we sell cases of this to some higher end Thai restaurants.

Becoming more popular for their unique shape and appealing presentation. 

See: Our Recipes Using Rice Flake

Back in Stock: Handpainted Lotus Bowl

Handpainted unique and beautiful bowl imported from Thailand.

Known as a Lotus Bowl to reflect the shape of a lotus flower. Each bowl is smooth on the inside, with 6 separate petals on the outside and carefully rounded shape at the top.

SEE: Handpainted Lotus Bowl

Brown Jasmine Rice, Royal Umbrella

Regular price $16.50

On sale $10 two days only

SEE: Brown Jasmine Rice, Royal Umbrella

Red Cargo Rice

Regular price $16.50

On sale $10 two days only

Red Cargo rice is often mixed with white jasmine rice to create a rustic mix as shown below. You can cook red cargo all by itself, or some mixture such as about 20% red cargo 80% white jasmine as we prefer

SEE: Red Cargo Rice

Thai Jasmine Rice

Regular price $15.50

On sale $10 two days only

This is New Crop 2021 highest quality export grade, new from Aroy-D, the highest quality with strong natural jasmine fragrance.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice

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