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Year End Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Happy New Year. Huge sale on the highest quality Thai rice, a look at one of our vintage Pad Thai street vendor videos, and a really healthy basic Thai seafood soup.

Firm Rice Seafood Soup

This is a masterpiece seafood soup. You might be surprised it came from your kitchen, with such a nice blend of elegant flavors and texture. The trick is to fry the rice when it's still dry, as we show here.

SEE: Firm Rice Seafood Soup

Flat Wok Pad Thai

Often made in a large flat wok (use a skillet in your own kitchen). This is an easy way to make authentic Pad Thai in American kitchens, and we have the best Pad Thai sauce so you can prepare your noodles just like in the video. 

SEE: Flat Wok Pad Thai

Prik Pao - Roasted Chili in Oil - Mae Pranom Brand

On Sale $4.50 Reg $8.39.  Prik Pao (or "namprik pao") is legendary in Thailand and has been a staple in Thai households for generations. This is a cooked chile paste with a variety of uses,

SEE: Roasted Chili in Oil - Mae Pranom Brand

Smoked Fish Chili Paste (Namprik Pla Yang) On Sale $2

Great deal just $2 and a great chilli paste so you might want a few jars.  New product from premium producer Mae Pranom. It says in Thai "Pla Yang" (pla = fish, yang = grilled). This is smoked fish chili paste with a true Thai flavor that wouldn't usually be found outside of Thailand.

SEE: Smoked Fish Chili Paste (Namprik Pla Yang)

On Sale: Thai jasmine rice, Aroy-D, 5 lbs 2023 Crop

$11 On Sale, Reg Price $13.50. High quality pure Thai jasmine rice from Aroy-D in strong 5 pound bags for ease of storage and use.

This is nearly our cost and rice sales have been really strong so follow the trend and stock up now.

SEE: On Sale: Thai jasmine rice, Aroy-D, 5 lbs

Popular Pad Thai Sauce: Mae Ploy

This has been a great sauce for over 20 years we've sold it and just shipped several cases to a Chinese restaurant that orders regularly.  Great ingredients, really useful and super delicious results.  Check out our Mae Ploy Pad Thai Sauce.

SEE: Pad Thai Sauce: Mae Ploy

Kiwi Thailand Chef Knives Two For $18

Nice addition to your kitchen for $18 if they get dull you can toss them at that price but they are really good performers.  We import directly from Kiwi so can offer a great deal.

Two similar knives offered at a great price. Made in Thailand by Kiwi, the blades are thick stainless steel and the handle is long lasting hardwood firmly attached with brass rivets.

SEE: Set of Two Thai Chef Knives $18


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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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