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Flat Wok Pad Thai

  • Pad Thai is often made in a large flat wok (use a skillet in your own kitchen). This is an easy way to make authentic Pad Thai in American kitchens, and we have the best Pad Thai sauce so you can prepare your noodles just like in the video. See our detailed instructions and photos below.


Pad Thai Made in a Flat Skillet

After watching the video, note how simple it looks to prepare Pad Thai in this style. The only "mystery" is how to prepare and flavor your noodles, and we've solved that for you here. Note the pictures provided.

First, grab a small handful of rice stick noodles and place them in a pot. Pour some boiling water over the noodles (enough to cover them), and let those sit for exactly 10 minutes. While the noodles are soaking, mix two tablespoons of pad Thai sauce with two tablespoons of water in a small dish. Separately, slice some Chinese chives, or green onion, and set aside. Pound some peanuts in a mortar & pestle, and set aside.

After your noodles have soaked for 10 minutes, drain the water out by tilting the pot, and holding the noodles in with a slotted spoon--just don't drain *all* of the water, leave a tiny bit in the pot. Now place the pot of wet noodles over medium/high heat, and pour your pad Thai sauce mix over the noodles. Let them cook for two minutes, stirring well. Add one more teaspoon of pad Thai sauce in the process. Remove from heat, and let these fragrant golden noodles set while you prepare the rest.

In a skillet over medium/high heat, add about 2 teaspoons vegetable oil. Add one egg, and spread the egg around a bit (as shown). Let this egg cook, at least a minute or two. Don't add the bean sprouts until your egg has a chance to cook and set up. Next, add some sliced greens (spring onion or Chinese chives), and some fresh bean sprouts to your egg. Plus tofu if you like. Then add your cooked noodles, a bit of salted radish, a dash of sugar, dried shrimp (optional) and the crushed peanuts. Flip the egg (as shown in video) and mix it all around on the skillet, and remove to a serving dish after a short time. Add lime juice. This is absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

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