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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Brand new Aroy-D coconut cream and coconut milk just arrived today straight from Thailand so that's as fresh as it gets.  

Tiparos is back in USA as well after a long absence.

We've enjoyed shipping a steady stream of gifts this year and if you order now we will ship immediately and everything should get delivered on time.  

Recipe: Lemongrass Beef

Prepare fresh lemongrass beef in minutes; a healthy recipe with a nice aroma and lovely citrus flavor. Chop your lemongrass finely as shown, and cook it quickly over medium/high heat.

SEE: Lemongrass Beef

Just Arrived - Aroy D Coconut Cream

Aroy-D cream has been out of stock and this is as fresh as it gets, just unloaded from the container from Thailand today. 

Order the large box or the small box as shown.

Brand new stock with January 2025 Expiry Date. We prefer cooking with cream, a bit more oil and smoother flavor than milk. Typically cream is more costly and harder to find in bulk so restaurants are less likely to use it.

SEE: Just Arrived - Aroy D Coconut Cream

Just Arrived - Thai Coconut Milk, Aroy-D

Highest quality coconut milk just arrived today with the cream. The small boxes as shown is the most popular coconut milk we offer.

SEE: Just Arrived - Thai Coconut Milk, Aroy-D

Tiparos Is Back - Tiparos Fish Sauce From Thailand

Tiparos is back after a fairly long period of not shipping to the US due to various reasons, and we are very happy to offer it again. We sold the famous plastic Tiparos bottle for 15 years. This was one of the top selling Thai fish sauces in America and was widely used in restaurants.

Tiparos has a street appeal, being the familiar fish sauce served throughout Thailand as an everyday pedestrian favorite. Restaurant chefs love the squeeze bottle for ease of use when cooking.

SEE: Tiparos Fish Sauce From Thailand

Instant Tom Yum Paste - Cock Brand

Very popular tom yum paste, Cock brand is very high quality, great taste, and used extensively by restaurants.\

Simply add two tablespoons of Instant Tom Yum paste to three cups of boiling water or chicken stock. Add fresh fish, prawns, mussel, scallop, squid, whatever seafood you like. 

SEE: Instant Tom Yum Paste - Cock Brand

Brand New Stock: Thai Oyster sauce, Maekrua brand

Key ingredient in our Lemongrass Beef recipe featured above. Outstanding Thai oyster sauce just arrived, with 2 year Best By date. It's been selling really well lately, try it out or a nice gift.  We will ship immediately.

Use this bottle for generous use on your stir-fry (see recipes using oyster sauce below). One of our favorite non-Thai recipes that uses oyster sauce is pan-fried butter steak, as oyster sauce really enhances natural beef.

SEE: Thai Oyster sauce, Maekrua brand

Fresh Thai Produce - Shipping via Express

We have all fresh Thai produce in stock and will ship immediately for delivery to you on Friday of this week.

Order whatever you'd like with confidence.  Quality is nice this week.  Everything in stock.

SEE: Fresh Thai Produce - Shipping via Express

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