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Tequila Infused with Kaffir Lime Leaves

Tequila Infused with Kaffir Lime Leaves

We'd like to share with you a simple recipe using kaffir lime leaves, developed in Seattle by a local tequila specialist

Kaffir lime leaves are used extensively in Thai recipes, and the unique, aromatic flavor of kaffir lime is becoming popular as an ingredient in a wide range of snacks and drinks.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Tequila Infused with Kaffir Lime Leaves


Use top quality agave tequila and we suggest you do the same. Thinly-slice the kaffir lime leaves. Place the sliced lime leaves at the bottom of a bowl, then add the key lime--squeezing out the juice, leaving the lime peel in the bowl. Pour your tequila over this, and cover it. Let the flavors infuse for about 10 days. That's it!

Serve over ice with a bit of agave nectar (available at any fine grocery store selling drink mixes).



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