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Thai Fried Pork with Fresh Basil, 'Pad Kaprao Moo'

Thai Fried Pork with Fresh Basil, 'Pad Kaprao Moo'

This is a quick and easy dish to make. We also have a recipe that prepares the same dish, slightly differently, with chicken.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Thai Fried Pork with Fresh Basil, 'Pad Kaprao Moo'

Pound jalapeno chile peppers in a mortar and pestle (don't over-pulverize them). Finely chop fresh Thai chile peppers and garlic. Heat oil at high heat in a wok or skillet. Add garlic, jalapenos and Thai chiles, and white pepper powder. After garlic becomes golden brown and fragrant, add the pork and fry until cooked. Add fish sauce, sugar and fresh basil leaves. Fry for just a few minutes (or less) until thet basil is cooked. Remove from heat and serve over Thai jasmine rice. Often served with a fried egg on the side. For added flavor you can add some oyster sauce (optional).


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  • Trii

    Rated 4 out of 5 stars

    HI!YUMMERS!I teach foods with Edmonton Public Schools and we have a Nutritious Lunch Program. Guess what reipce I am adding to our list for next year? I will make it at home first, but I don't need to taste is to understand how delicious it is going to be. Thank you!Valerie


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