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Thai Recipe and Best Seller Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. Today we feature everything from our unique Thai grocery store: fresh and non-fresh and cookware. 

Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves

As we enter mid-summer, we have lots of fresh lime leaves.  

Quality is excellent and we are shipping via Fedex 2 Day.  Order now for shipment Monday, delivery Wednesday. 

SEE: Fresh Kaffir Lime Leaves

 Fresh Lemongrass - What's Going On?

We've shipped fresh lemongrass since 1999. Wholesale prices are always stable, but over the last three weeks price of fresh lemongrass has gone berserk. Today we are at nearly 10x (ten times) the normal wholesale price. Due to a combination of factors but most wholesalers are not buying at these prices so there is a massive shortage.  

We continue to buy rather than have nothing to offer.  Quality is excellent. Fresh lemongrass is obviously very scarce in stores and we aren't sure how restaurants are dealing with this but we know many keep reserves in the freezer for times like these. Our prices are reasonable so order with confidence.

SEE: Fresh Lemongrass

Best Seller: Thai Fried Garlic

Throughout the last 3 months, we've had an increase in order volume and our customers are placing larger orders. Thai Fried Garlic from Aroy-D comes in a large 8 oz jar has been one of our most popular items.

SEE: Thai Fried Garlic

Last Call - Awesome Thai Street Vendor Cooler

We custom ordered these extremely high quality coolers, sold most of them, and won't have more until next year.  The comparable, high-end coolers in America with this capacity start at over $400 and don't have nearly the character or useful design. This is a great investment in a cooler that will give years of rugged use.

SEE: Thai Street Vendor Cooler

 Back in Stock - E San Sauce 

All natural ingredients, poured into a dish this sauce looks very attractive and delicious. You can see a really fresh mix of red chilli, coriander leaves, onion and tamarind. Flavor is good, and not very spicy. The sauce has a nice substance, works just perfect for dipping meat and vegetables. Serve with jasmine rice or sticky rice for a nice snack or meal.

SEE: E San Sauce

NEW: Authentic Thai Tea Mix - Chatramue Hand Brand

Delicious, unique tea with a distinctive color and flavor from a gentle mix of tea leaves & spices. This is the first time we can offer the famous Hand Brand from Chatramue. 

Packed in a strong foil bag with bold label, it's fresh and delicious. The most famous brand offered by street vendors in Thailand. The flavor is just right, it could not be more authentic. 

SEE: Thai Tea Mix - Chatramue Hand Brand

Thai Tea Filter - Muslin / Stainless

Prepare Thai Tea to perfection. This tea filter is made of stainless steel and muslin. Use it again and again--we've used ours for years. 

SEE: Thai Tea Filter - Muslin / Stainless

NEW: Birdy Instant Coffee 3-in-1

Thai instant coffee that's really nothing special using 'Robusta' beans which are generally considered lower quality than Arabica.

Birdy is an everyday Thai product at the lower price point but brings back fond memories.

SEE: Birdy Instant Coffee 3-in-1

Thai Satay Grill

In Thailand you can find street vendors selling satay from this grill everywhere. Thais also use it to barbeque toast, hot dogs, bananas, and other creative things. Handmade, with angle iron on the four sides, a handle on each end, metal sides, a top grate to put the food, and a lower grate to hold the charcoal. On the front side there is a long "window" below the coals, to allow air flow up. A lower shelf catches the ash. 

SEE: Thai Satay Grill

Thai Jasmine Rice - Royal Umbrella

This has been short in stock for several months, but there's  a recent increase in supply so we can offer whatever you'd like. We expect that it may get tight again in the fall as stocks are depleted and the new crop doesn't start again until January.  Looking ahead, this is a good time to get a few bags of premium quality Royal Umbrella jasmine rice.

SEE: Thai Jasmine Rice - Royal Umbrella

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
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