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New Fresh Produce Update / ImportFood

​Today we are offering a few very fresh Thai produce items that haven't been in stock until now. Get it while it's hot!

Back in Stock: Fresh Green Papaya

Fresh green papaya is back. They are a nice medium size, with long shape. Papayas are about 4" wide and 10" long. Ideal for shipping, we will send 2 green papayas Wednesday via Fedex 2 Day for delivery Friday. 

SEE: Fresh Green Papaya

Back in Stock: Fresh Betel Leaves

Fresh harvest betel leaves from Hawaii. Ideal quality: large, relatively thick leaves with beautiful surface color, nice green stems. We only offer fresh betel leaves a few times a year. Now is the time for to enjoy this special leaf. 

SEE: Fresh Betel Leaves

Back in Stock: Fresh Red Thai Chilli

Our red Thai chiles have a nice and strong, true Thai chile heat. Fresh pick. Red chiles are excellent in so many recipes including tom kha soup.  

SEE: Fresh Red Thai Chilli

Fresh Green Thai Chilli

Extremely spicy, with the unique flavor that comes with green chillies.

We rarely see green chillies with this intense high-heat flavor.

Shipping immediately a very fresh batch.

SEE: Fresh Green Thai Chilli

Fresh Shallots

We have plenty of shallots for sale, and we dropped the price a bit this week.  Come and get 'em.

SEE: Fresh Shallots

Citrus Pepper Spice Mix

This is from The Philippines and we recently made it, to the great pleasure of everyone who enjoyed it.  Similar to Laab, and wonderful with fresh red Thai chillies and shallots.  Highly recommended.

SEE: Citrus Pepper Spice Mix

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
February Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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