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May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again -- and Happy May 2022. Today we have a new high quality oyster sauce that Healthy Boy has introduced to compete with the ultra high quality Thai Megachef.  Flavor is excellent.  We have some updates on fish sauce, and lovely rice flake is back in stock.  Thanks for all of your support.

NEW: Healthy Boy Oyster Sauce

Healthy Boy produces the very best sauces from state-of-the-art modern equipment, with a focus on using the highest quality ingredients and all natural fermenting.

Their new oyster sauce is 'Gluten Free', just launched for export to USA. This is an excellent quality oyster sauce with true oyster flavor. Competing with Megachef for top honors.  Highly recommended.

SEE: Healthy Boy Oyster Sauce

Handpainted Thai Ceramic Bowls

Handpainted ceramic soup bowls imported from Thailand. Vivid blue color and clean white, high quality heavy ceramic.

Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans. You will appreciate the weight of this thick, ultra-high quality bowl.

Certified for use in microwave or conventional oven, as well as dishwasher-safe.

SEE: Handpainted Thai Ceramic Bowls

Flying Lion Fish Sauce

Despite not being from Thailand, Flying Lion is one of our most-reached-for fish sauces.  The taste is rich and near perfection.  Especially good in soups.

SEE: Flying Lion Fish Sauce

NEW: Healthy Boy Fish Sauce

Healthy Boy's new fish sauce here, just launched for export to USA, has the following premium characteristics:

- Made From Wild Caught Anchovies
- High Protein
- Gluten Free
- Naturally Fermented Over 12 Months
- No 3 MCPD
- No Preservative
- No MSG

Ingredients: anchovy, salt, water, sugar

SEE: New Healthy Boy Fish Sauce

Back in Stock: Thai Rice Flake

This item is very popular and hard to keep in stock .Similar to chantaboon rice stick, just a different shape.

Rice flake is all natural, made from rice flour, and we sell cases of this to some higher end Thai restaurants.

Becoming more popular for their unique shape and appealing presentation. 

SEE: Thai Rice Flake

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