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Thai Recipe Update /

​Hello again and Welcome Back! Here we share a quick new recipe for Wai Wai Rice Vermicelli. These all-natural rice noodles are ideal for a quick stir-fry, and go great with our new Sriracha Sauce from Healthy Boy.

Feature: Wai Wai Rice Vermicelli

Simply cook for two minutes, and they make a really healthy, hearty meal stir-fried or in soup. A bit like angel hair pasta, we stir-fry with beef and serve with fresh lime.

SEE: Wai Wai Rice Vermicelli Stir Fry

Best Sriracha - Healthy Boy

We keep talking about this new Sriracha from Healthy Boy. Our all-time favorite and one you should try. It's what we used in the stir-fry above.

SEE: Healthy Boy Sriracha

Holiday Knife Set

Checkout our Set of Four Thai knives by Kiwi.  Inexpensive and very popular.

See: Set of Four Knives

Back in Stock: Zebra Stainless Lunch Box

Thai-style lunchbox made of solid stainless steel. Well-engineered by Zebra-Head. Usually it would be used to keep food and rice separate, as there is a stainless bowl with tight-fitting plastic lid that fits inside.

The stainless steel is a relatively thick gauge, so it will not dent easily, and it feels great to hold. The lid fits snug and is held down by a latch on each side.

SEE: Zebra Stainless Lunch Box

Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update
Thai Recipe Update /

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