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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Aroy-d curry paste is finally back in stock, as fresh as can be, we just got this a few days ago straight from Thailand. Very high quality made of the finest ingredients.

New Crop Thai Jasmine Rice is ready for you to stock up on, and more. Thanks for your support!

Back in Stock: Tom Kha Paste, Aroy-D

Just arrived and fresh as can be. Use this to make a quick and delicious Tom Kha soup. All you need is to add coconut milk, and your own chicken & fresh mushrooms.

Ingredients: salt, sugar, galangal, lemongrass, refined soybean oil, kaffir lime peel, msg, citric acid.

SEE: Tom Kha Paste, Aroy-D

Back in Stock: Green Curry Pate, Aroy-D

Green just arrived also. Our top choice for curry paste based entirely on flavor and quality control. With our premium Aroy-d, you get one 14 oz package, enough Thai curry to prepare dozens of meals.

SEE: Green Curry Pate, Aroy-D

Back in Stock: Red Curry Paste, Aroy-D

Red is the most popular and we only got a few cases in our newest arrival.

Taste is complex and heavier to the natural herbs, as only the best all natural ingredients are used. Ingredients: dried red chile, garlic, lemongrass, shallot, salt, galangal, kaffir lime peel, coriander seed, cumin powder.

SEE: Red Curry Paste, Aroy-D

Back in Stock: Yellow Curry Paste, Aroy-D

Brand new stock with elegant mild flavor.

Ingredients: dried red chile, garlic, shallot, lemongrass, salt, galangal, turmeric, cumin seed, coriander seed.

SEE: Yellow Curry Paste, Aroy-D

Thai Baby Corn, Aroy-D

One of our favorite ingredients in our new recipes, featured here on the product page.

Tender baby corn is new crop, always crispy, and it tastes so good. Just pop it in your mouth fresh or add to your favorite stir-fry.

In each can you get about 30 baby corns, they are about 6 inches long.

Ingredients: baby corn, water, salt, citric acid

SEE: Thai Baby Corn, Aroy-D

Royal Umbrella 10 Pound Thai Rice - 2022 New Crop

We have plenty of this right now and suggest you might want to stock up. Price is stable and quality excellent.

2022 New Crop Rice is the freshest avail, having a unique freshly-harvested fragrance.

Royal Umbrella brand is what we consider the 'best of the best', appreciated by connoisseurs for it's deep fragrance and nice texture.

SEE: Royal Umbrella 10 Pound Jasmine Rice

Lobo Satay

Make authentic, delicious Thai satay (peanut) sauce with this high quality product. Simply mix with coconut milk. A convenient envelope packet, enough to make one large serving.

SEE: Lobo Satay

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
May Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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