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Thai Street Vendor Jungle Salad, Tum Pa

Thai Street Vendor Jungle Salad, Tum Pa

At a weekend market in Kanchanaburi these ladies start at 6:00 PM, making som tumthat's a huge success because of the number of ingredients offered. This is no ordinary som tum. Pounded together using a large mortar and pestle for som tum. They'll make it with your choice of ingredients which are nicely displayed in the Thai tall glass containers.

Our jungle salad included all of these ingredients:

Khanom Jin noodlesfresh Thai eggplantfish saucepalm sugarpickled mustard greenpickled mud fish, long beans, sliced fresh tomato, Thai chile peppers, pickled clams, bamboo shoots, and fresh lime slices.

A modern, fresh and creative way to prepare classic Som Tum.


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