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Thai Lays Potato Chips, Sweet Basil Flavor, 75 gram

Thai Lays Potato Chips, Sweet Basil Flavor, 75 gram
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Lays Thailand consistently adds unique flavors to the classic potato chip, often tourists love them and add a few bags to their suitcase because there's no distribution of these flavors outside of Thailand.

We just got a fresh shipment of Lays Thailand 'Sweet Basil' flavor, same as we offered a few years ago and sold out quicky.

We also offer grilled prawn and seafood flavor from Lays Thailand.

The potato chip itself is exactly the same as you expect from Lays, it's the flavor added that brings extra enjoyment.

You get a generous 75 gram package.

Ingredients: potato, palm oil, seasoning, msg.

Product of Thailand.

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