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Tapioca Starch / Flour, 16 oz

Tapioca Starch / Flour, 16 oz
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Used to thicken various Asian dishes.

Made from pure tapioca, the general purpose is similar to flour.  Tapioca starch is also called tapioca flour. 

Also an important ingredient in various Thai desserts. Authentic Thai recipes using tapioca starch listed below.

Also see: Tapioca Starch On Video: Street Vendor Prepares Radna.

Ingredients: tapioca, water. All natural. Product of Thailand.






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Thai Baby Corn Stir Fry

Our Thai baby corn is crisp,  full of flavor, and perfect for stir fry with meat and seafood. In this recipe we share the important simple tricks so you can do it all in your own kitchen quickly. Adding tapioca starch at the end ties the flavors together and gives it an elegant finish glaze. 


Spicy Thai Chicken Wings, 'Peek Gai Nam Daeng'

We noticed this recipe in Saveur Magazine, and it turned out superb. Under the wet spicy red sauce coating is a nice crispy well done chicken wing--so delicious. We followed along almost exactly as the magazine except for the use of our Maxchup brand Thai ketchup rather than regular American ketchup. We also have a recipe for drunken chicken wings


Thai-Style Szechuan Chicken

Chinese-style food is popular in Thailand, often the best hotels in Thailand have wonderful Chinese food. We've created this Thai-style Chinese szechuan chicken recipe using the rare szechuan peppercorn together with very hot whole dried chiles. It's cooked using alcohol, and we were lucky enough to have a bottle of Laotian whisky distilled from sticky rice, but you can use Wild Turkey Kentucky bourbon with good results.

The result is fairly spicy, so this isn't for people who don't like spicy. Something we love about this is the way the Szechuan peppercorn make your tongue tingle. It's also tastes great a day later, as a leftover reheated.


Thai Cashew Chicken, 'Gai Pad Med Mamuang Himaphan'

One of the more popular dishes on the menu in Thai restaurants in America but also Thailand. This recipe is time-consuming but the result is spot-on perfect.

The finest cashews in the world are grown in Thailand, mainly on the island of Phuket. Mamuang himaphan means cashew nut but there is an interesting translation. Himaphan's original meaning refers to the Garden of Eden, and the cashew nut looks like a small mango. The resulting pun can mean "mango of paradise", suggesting culinary heaven. We use regular refined white sugar for simplicity but you may use palm sugarfor a more succulent flavor.



Tapioca Starch used in Thai recipes

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