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December Gift Update / ImportFood

Hello again from our busy warehouse -- we have some specials that are ready to ship immediately for the holidays.  Thanks for checking out our popular gifts for the coming Christmas.

Two for $60 Solid Granite Mortar and Pestles

Get two sets of our 6" solid granite mortar and pestles for just $60. Regular price is $42 each. 

Our 6 inch size offers great performance of a heavy pestle and extremely hard stone to pound in, and it's more convenient for smaller kitchens with less counter space. 

SEE: Two for $60 Solid Granite Mortar and Pestles

Thai Ceramic, handpainted traditional condiment set

Handpainted ceramic condiment set imported from Thailand. Each piece is painted by hand using a traditional design unique to Thai artisans.

Our luxurious set consists of a shaped plate (8' diameter) that holds four individual bowls each with a lid and spoon. Painted with intricate detail, it is a beautiful addition to your table.

SEE: Ceramic, traditional condiment set

Kopiko Instant Coffee, Brown

Brand new stock. Delicious instant coffee.

Kopiko is an Indonesian coffee company known for the highest quality coffee candy, and now we got a shipment of their new instant coffees.

The 'Brown' version has rich coffee flavor combined with a sweet caramel flavor with a hint of chocolate.

SEE: Kopiko Instant Coffee, Brown

Handmade Thai Machete Cleaver, 12"

Handmade, heavy duty cleavers made by the same company in Ayutthaya for over 70 years without any change in design.

This is very rustic and at the same time a work of art. The heavy steel blade does not look machined and "precision" in any sense. It's entirely pounded and sharpened by hand, and will give you years of use. Ready to sharpen over and over again.

SEE: Handmade Thai Machete Cleaver, 12"

Keychain Knife and Bottle Opener - Kom Kom Thailand

A useful, extremely sharp small pocket knife from Kom Kom Thailand. 'Kom' rhymes with 'Foam' and means 'sharp' in Thai, so this Kom Kom means Sharp Sharp. Made by the same company as Kiwi, maker of the finest quality stainless steel knives in Thailand.

Measuring just 4" in length closed, there is a bottle opener at the end of the knife. The 2" blade is razor sharp and fits snugly inside of a strong black keychain sleeve. Pull it out, turn it around and put it back in and it becomes a nice all-purpose knife that measures 5" long. The hard plastic handle keeps it together.

SEE: Keychain Knife and Bottle Opener - Kom Kom Thailand

Set of four Thai knives, Kiwi

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light.

Made in Thailand and stamped with Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand.

Here is what our long-time customer Clarice in Washington DC sent to us via email, after receiving her Kiwi knives.

I have lots of expensive knives but decided to try some of your kiwi ones and , boy, am I ever impressed! Wonderful balance, light weight and very sharp. Easy to use.

SEE: Set of four Thai knives, Kiwi

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