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Fresh Hawaiian Ginger Update / ImportFood

Today's update is a once-per-year offer of fresh Hawaiian ginger that won't last long.

Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Just Harvested

Young ginger from Hawaii harvested once a year, and we have very little to offer. This is likely the only week we will have it until next season. 

Immediate shipment via 2 Day shipping. These are large white roots with pink tips. Soft 'Young' ginger harvested before full maturity, so it's soft and you can eat it -- unlike woody ginger typically found in supermarkets. This is what Japanese use for sushi ginger. Great flavor.

SEE: Fresh Hawaiian Ginger - Just Harvested

Thai Ginger Chicken, Gai Pad Khing

Chicken fried in ginger is a favorite around the world, and we love this dish with mushrooms (fresh or dried shiitake as here), and without fish sauce. This is a simple, quick meal that can be made with pork or beef, or even shrimp. 

SEE: Thai Ginger Chicken, Gai Pad Khing

Thai Ginger Chicken Soup

Quick soup you can make withfresh ginger.

SEE: Thai Ginger Chicken Soup

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