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October Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Mama green curry is back in stock, fresh from Thailand and loaded with rich flavor. We also show how to make red pork, Cock fish sauce is back in stock, and Bin Bin has a new Thai spicy seaweed cracker, Thanks for your support!

Back in Stock: Mama Green Curry

One of our most popular and unique instant noodles. 

Authentic green curry taste. It comes with a dry spice packet and a packet of green curry paste. We added fresh basil and sliced fresh Thai chilli pepper.

SEE: Mama Green Curry

Broiled Red Pork

This is very simple to make using Lobo red pork seasoning mix.  

See our basic instructions and get some of our mix.

SEE: Broiled Red Pork

Back in Stock: Cock brand Fish Sauce

Cock brand is made in Thailand by Aroy-D to the highest standards. 

This is a mild fish sauce made from natural ingredients.

SEE: Cock brand Fish Sauce

NEW: Bin Bin Spicy Seaweed

These large round crackers are made of rice flour and finished with a slightly spicy glaze sprinkled with seaweed.

There are two large round crackers wrapped in plastic and ten of those per package.

SEE: Bin Sin Spicy Seaweed

 Back in Stock: Bin Bin Original

We don't know how they make these taste so good, but it's the best rice cracker (period!). Bin Bin is a great seller in Asian markets now and we are pleased to offer them to you, manufactured in a modern facility with ISO 9002 certification.

SEE: Bin Bin Original

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