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Thai Recipe, New Arrival Update / ImportFood

 Hello Again and Welcome Back!  Today is special because we've finally received a shipment of handmade knives and cookware from Thailand. Many things back in stock.

Back in Stock: Thai Heavy Cleaver, Handmade

This is a serious, heavy-duty handmade cleaver in a traditional design, and a great value. Should last forever. Total weight is 22 oz (nearly 1.5 lb) because the high quality steel is really thick, but also well-balanced. You get a great cleaver and support the people making these by hand.

SEE: Thai Heavy Cleaver, Handmade

Back in Stock: Thai Machete Cleaver

Handmade, heavy duty cleavers made by the same company in Ayutthaya for over 70 years without any change in design.

This is very rustic and at the same time a work of art. The heavy steel blade does not look machined and "precision" in any sense. It's entirely pounded and sharpened by hand, and will give you years of use. Ready to sharpen over and over again.

You get a great cleaver and support the people making these by hand.

SEE: Thai Machete Cleaver

Back in Stock: Pork Vendor Knife

Designed specifically for pork vendors, and most every pork vendor in Thailand uses this knife. Very sturdy blade, slightly thicker than 1mm. Nice wood handle. Total length is 11", the blade is 6.5". 

SEE: Pork Vendor Knife

Back in Stock: Palm and Coconut Cleaver

Nice and long, this has a 'hump pack' for added weight to provide extra power when striking coconuts and toddy palm. Handmade in Thailand.

SEE: Palm and Coconut Cleaver

Back in Stock: Round Tao

We offered these years ago and sales were slow compared to the taller, original Tao, but many people have asked us to bring them back so we have a few dozen to offer.

SEE: Round Tao

Back in Stock: Oval Tao

The oval version of our high quality Tao oven.

SEE: Oval Tao

Back in Stock: Mae Pranom Red Curry Paste

Literally got off the boat today straight from Thailand so it's fresh as can be.  Great quality, full of flavor. We launched this brand recently because Mae Pranom focuses on using strictly the best ingredients.

SEE: Mae Pranom Red Curry Paste

Back in Stock: Mae Pranom Green Curry Paste

Very bright flavor from fresh green chilli peppers.  We got one email from a customer claiming the flavor isn't delicious, but is that because it's a true green curry paste with a sharper, unquely green chilli flavor?  Let us know what you think.  This just arrived today.

SEE: Mae Pranom Green Curry Paste

NEW: Thai Lays Chili Lime

Our newest flavor from Lays Thailand - Chili Lime.

The chips have a mild chili spice and nice sour lime taste. Uniquely Thai and delicious.

SEE: Thai Lays Chili Lime

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