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Jasmine Rice Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. Today we have a rare sale on Royal Umbrella rice in the 5# bag, our Stacked Steamer is back in stock, Amazing Elephant Tom Kha, Lobo Pepper Garlic, Handpainted Thai Ceramic Lotus Bowl, and more. Thanks for visiting. 

Royal Umbrella 5# Jasmine Rice 25% off

Just received new crop 2020 Thai jasmine rice from Royal Umbrella and we're offering the 5# bag at 25% off all weekend.  Just $10 for the 5# bag. Beautiful packaging with resealable top.  We find Royal Umbrella to be the best.  Great price for newsletter readers.

SEE: 25% off Royal Umbrella 5# Jasmine Rice

Back in Stock: Diamond Brand Thai Stacked Steamer

We finally got more of these back in stock, direct from Diamond Thailand. Very nice steamer and highly useful.  Built to last forever.

Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup

This convenient, all-natural, extremely delicious, ready-to-eat soup will really surprise you. Made using fresh ingredients and a combination of French & Japanese technology.  Own creation so we're biased but the reviews are stellar and it really is a reflection on our company so we spared no expense to bring the best to you, our customers.

This is a new batch, highly recommended.

SEE: Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup

​Handpainted Ceramic Lotus Bowl

Known as a Lotus Bowl to reflect the shape of a lotus flower. Each bowl is smooth on the inside, with 6 separate petals on the outside and carefully rounded shape at the top. Checkout this and our selection of Ceramics, we have plenty in stock heading into the holidays.

SEE: Handpainted Ceramic Lotus Bowl

Lobo - Pepper Garlic

We love everything from Lobo brand. This Pepper & Garlic Seasoning Mix is one of our favorites.

We used this to prepare delicious pork chops quickly and easily. Just mix with water, marinade for 30 minutes, then pan-fry. Makes one large serving.

SEE: Lobo - Pepper Garlic

 Street Vendor Video: Rice Steamed the Old Fashioned Way

Here we take you back to the streets of Kanchanaburi where jasmine rice is steamed using an ancient method, much to the delight of locals who support this vendor enjoying brisk sales. Street vendors offering rice from tall steamers like this are becoming more popular throughout Thailand.

SEE: Rice Steamed the Old Fashioned Way

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Fresh Thai Produce Special / ImportFood

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