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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

We've been busy creating new recipes and demonstrating how with just a few ingredients you can craft substantial delicious recipes at home. Please see what we've been up to.

NEW Recipe: Thai Salad Rolls

These don't take long to make, follow along with our simple step-by-step process and make the same rolls restaurants are charging $5 each, for a fraction of the cost.

SEE: Thai Salad Rolls

NEW Recipe: Salad Roll Dipping Sauce

Starting with Koon Chun hoisin sauce, add a few more ingredients and you're ready to enjoy the best salad rolls ever.

SEE: Salad Roll Dipping Sauce

Back in Stock: Lobo Oriental Fried Rice

We love everything from Lobo brand, the products are so tasty and capture authentic Thai flavors perfectly with easy-to-prepare methods. 

Here's Lobo Fried Rice we just got from Lobo Thailand. Great results!

SEE: Lobo Oriental Fried Rice

Lobo Red Pork Mix

Easy to make this with just a pack of Lobo red pork seasoning and a pound of pork.  We used belly pork here. 

Dissolve contents of 1 packet with 1 cup water. Soak the pork in this for 2-3 hours. We broiled it on foil but the the instructions suggest baking at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or charcoal grill or broil until well-done. 

SEE: Lobo Red Pork

 Lobo Sweet and Sour Mix

Modern sweet and sour mix from Lobo.  Checkout how we used it to make a delicious recipe here with crispy chicken.

SEE: Lobo Sweet and Sour Mix

Hoisin Sauce - Koon Chun

Lately there are a lot of cheap hoisin sauces in plastic bottles but Koon Chun is what we've always carried because it's just the best in our opinion.  Nice glass jar and high quality in every respect. This is what we used in our new salad roll recipe above.

SEE: Hoisin Sauce - Koon Chun

New Gadget: Small Stainless Strainer

We just have a couple dozen of these little heavy-duty strainers. Could be used for all kinds of things in the kitchen or elsewhere.  Made by 'Twin Ray' known for heavy duty street vendor tools. 

Nice thick wires, mostly handmade. The plastic handle feels good in your hand.

Made in Thailand

SEE: Small Stainless Strainer

25% Off - New Crop Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice

We continue to offer this at 25% off while supplies last.  Plenty in stock right now but won't last long.

SEE: 25% Off New Crop Royal Umbrella Jasmine Rice

Back in Stock: Mama Green Curry Instant Noodles

Mama's relatively new instant noodle is green curry flavor, which is very authentic to green curry taste. It comes with a dry spice packet and a packet of green curry paste.

You put both packets in a bowl with the noodles, add 1 cup of boiling water, cover for three minutes and serve. We also added some fresh Thai basil. This meal has mild spice.

SEE: Mama Green Curry Instant Noodles

Large Flat Wok

We haven't sold one of these for months but it may be of interest. The massive thick steel pan can be used to cook multiple dishes at the same time. Once thoroughly heated it can really be put to work; will last forever.  About the size of a manhole cover on city streets, made of thick steel. Even at the price we charge it's a great value.  Anyone thinking to cook for groups or start a takeout business might want this.  

SEE: Large Flat Wok

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Jasmine Rice Update / ImportFood

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