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New Thai Recipe Update April 25 2017

Hello again and thanks for visiting.  

Today we're pleased to offer new harvest fresh turmeric at a discounted price, along with Satay Sauce from Ayam that's back in stock, a feature recipe for Northern Thai Chicken, and more.

Freshest Hawaiian Turmeric

Fresh Crop Hawaiian Turmeric

Each year in April / May we see fresh mature turmeric from Hawaii that's at the perfect stage for harvest.  We just received a new shipment of nice clean turmeric with good outer skin and fragrance throughout.  The picture at left is what we just received, and that is offered to newsletter readers at a nice discount.  Regular price is $12.89 for 8 oz.  Order now and get 12 oz for the same price $12.89 with free 2 Day shipping.

Turmeric is revered for it's well-known beneficial health properties, and is a wonderful natural yellow food coloring for not just Thai food--it's widely used around the world.

See: Fresh Hawaiian Turmeric and Authentic Thai Turmeric Recipes

Satay Sauce, Ayam

Back in Stock: Ayam Satay

We enjoyed mild satay sauce from Ayam so much, now we have both 'Mild' and 'Hot' flavor. Hot flavor has just the right amount of spice and heat, the way it should be. It's very simple to make, all natural, and rich in flavor. From Malaysia, where satay originated, Ayam Brand has been making this since 1892. Packaged in a modern can with pull top as shown, new stock just arrived.

See: Satay Sauce, Ayam Brand

Thai Sesame Oil, Hand Brand

The flavor and aroma of sesame oil is found in a lot of trendy salad dressings and dipping sauces, and it's the perfect marinade for chicken satay to use with Ayam brand satay sauce above.

Our extremely high quality sesame oil is from Thailand. The best in terms of flavor and overall quality--you can't go wrong this it.

Made by premium, artisan producer "Hand Brand", the same company that makes our Thai curry paste. In a nice glass bottle with top that allows for nice limited flow.

This amber, aromatic oil is pressed from toasted white sesame seeds and has strong, rich nutty flavor. It is used as a flavoring in many Asian dishes and is not used for frying.

See: Thai Sesame Oil, Hand Brand

Tom Kha Pouch

Amazing Elephant brand "Tom Kha" Soup -- It's All In The Pouch. After years of development and investing in America, we are happy to introduce this to you.

Ready-to-eat, premium quality, authentic and delicious Tom Kha soup made in small batches using the highest quality ingredients. Amazing Elephant brand puts everything in the pouch and cooks it to perfection. To heat, simply put the pouch in boiling water for 3 minutes then open and serve alone or over rice. You can also microwave it for 90 seconds. It's all inside, so you don't need to add a thing.

Visit:  Amazing Elephant Tom Kha Soup

Feature Recipe: Gai Muang Nung Kreung Gaeng Nua, Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai

In English you could call this "chicken in northern style chile paste". The Chiang Mai (northern Thai) chile paste has mild flavor (not spicy), made with turmeric, using local Thai chicken which are tasty and chewy. 

We used free-range chicken breasts cut up into large chunks, with excellent results.

See: Northern Thai Chicken

Street Vendor Snocones

Street Vendor Feature: Thai Snocones

Temperatures are hot year-round in Thailand so this is always a nice treat, but we visited in April when it was 40 degrees celcius so this was just the right thing. 

Thai Snocones are much more than a simple flavored shaved ice, as there are three layers. First you choose what goes into the lower layer, there is toddy palm, sweet potato candies, sweet pumpkin, foy thong and bread for the lower layer. Then the vendor will top that with shaved iced and condensed milk.

See: Street Vendor Thai Snocones

New Thai Recipe Update May 3 2017

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