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Thai Chicken Fried Hat Yai Style, 'Gai Tod Hatyai'

Thai Chicken Fried Hat Yai Style, 'Gai Tod Hatyai'

When chicken is fried this way, it comes out dry rather than greasy. The secret is to cook the chicken two times--first at low heat, then again at high heat. This kind of fried chicken is so tasty when served with sweet chilli sauce. The coating is fragrant and delicious, and it's called 'Hat Yai' which is a province in Southern Thailand. If you like fried chicken, give this Thai-style version a try.


For 4 Person(s)


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Method for Thai Chicken Fried Hat Yai Style, 'Gai Tod Hatyai'

In a mortar & pestle, pound peeled garlic. Add coriander seed and pound the mixture into a smooth paste. Add Thai pepper powder, and pound together in the mortar.

Separately, in a large mixing bowl, stab your chicken wings with a fork. Transfer the spice paste to the bowl of chicken. Add fish sauce and sugar, and knead it all together well with your hands. Place this in a ziploc bag for best results. Marinade it in the fridge for at leaste 2 hours, more if you prefer.

Remove from fridge and place in a large bowl. Sprinkle rice flour all over the wings. Mix well to coat the wings.

In a saucepot, heat several cups of vegetable oil to medium/low. If the oil is too hot, the skin of your wings will brown too early. It may take some practice. Add a few wings to the oil and fry at low heat for 12-15 minutes. The wings should be golden brown. Remove the wings and set aside to drain, and cool a bit.

Next, increase the heat of your oil to high. Fry each piece again, just 2-3 minutes. The wings will turn a darker brown and nice and crispy. Remove from oil, serve with a generous side of sweet chilli sauce, and Enjoy!



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