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Thai Street Vendor Kit

Thai Street Vendor Kit
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Our professionally-produced Thai Street Vendor videos are known and loved for their simplicity in teaching anyone how to cook authentic Thai food like an experienced street vendor. As a gift for yourself or someone who likes Thai food, here is an ideal kit.

We included all of the important cookware and ingredients to start cooking. The street vendor wok comes with printed instructions on how to season it. Also included is the Zebra long-handle stainless work turner, our Street Vendor DVD 1 with a booklet inside, and much more as listed below. A fantastic value. As a direct importer of the finest food & cookware from Thailand, only we can offer such a great deal.

1 Street Vendor Wok, 14"   1 Stainless Long Handle Turner
1 Dark Thick Soy   Thai Street Vendor Cooking DVD 1
1 Prik Pao   1 Thai Cleaver 6"
1 Golden Mountain 6.7 oz   1 Pointed Chopping Knife
1 Thai Chili Oil   1 Ground Thai Chili
1 Fish Sauce Tra Chang   1 Pad Thai Sauce Mae Pranom
Our Thai Restaurant Kit includes all of the ingredients below, together with your own meat and preferred fresh vegetables, this kit will allow the home chef to create over 30 servings of delicious Thai food, and have many ingredients left over.
1 Thin Soy Sauce 1 Fish Sauce Tra Chang 1 Thick Soy Sauce 1 Palm Sugar
6 100% coconut mik, Chaokoh 2 Rice Stick Noodles (m) 1 Whole Dried Chile 1 Amazing Elephant Tom Kha
1 Yellow Curry, Mae Ploy 1 Red Curry, Mae Ploy 1 Pad Thai Sauce 1 Coriander Seeds
1 Tamarind Concentrate 1 Turmeric Powder 1 Dried Galangal 1 Thai Basil Paste
      Thai Street Vendor Cooking DVD 1

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