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Popular Thai Recipes

Thai Spicy Ground Chicken and Toasted Rice,

Thai Spicy Ground Chicken and Toasted Rice, 'Larb Gai'


This is one of our all-time favorite Thai dishes, and it is a very common dish served throughout Thailand as well as Laos. It's quick to make and often extremely spicy, but the lime juice and mint leav

Thai Fried Rice with Chicken,

Thai Fried Rice with Chicken, 'Khao Pad Namprik Pao Sai Kai'


Here is a basic fried rice commonly made by street vendors and fine restaurants alike. It's best to use day-old rice that's been cooked and sitting at room temperature (just leave it in the rice cooker

Panang Chicken Curry,

Panang Chicken Curry, 'Panang Gai'


Penang is a dry curry, probably originally "imported" from Malaysia. It can be prepared with any meat, and many fishes. This variety uses chicken.

Gai Muang Nung Kreung Gaeng Nua, Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai

Gai Muang Nung Kreung Gaeng Nua, Steamed Chicken Chiang Mai


In English you could call this "chicken in northern style chile paste". The Chiang Mai (northern Thai) chile paste has mild flavor (not spicy), made with turmeric, using local Thai chicken which are tas

Thai Beef Salad,

Thai Beef Salad, 'Yum Nuea'


One of our favorite recipes, the meat is barbequed then tossed with a delicious mixture of sweet, sesame-inspired smoky hot sauce and fresh vegetables. It should be served with jasmine rice, but it's a

Thai Pork Satay,

Thai Pork Satay, 'Moo Satay'


Pork satay consists of strips of marinated pork on bamboo skewers, charcoal barbequed then served with a tasty peanut sauce and a white vinegar cucumber sauce. It's often served in Thailand with square

Thai Sticky Rice

Thai Sticky Rice


Thai Sticky Rice (also known as "sweet rice" or "glutinous rice") is a tasty, sweet rice that does a great job of filling the stomach--but be careful not to eat too much... According to Thai tradition sti

Som Tum

Som Tum


 Som Tum is loved throughout SE Asia in various forms, and we are pleased to present this detailed summary so you can bring it to your own kitchen. Somtum is a classic Thai dish, commonly associa

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