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October Thai Recipe and Flat Rate Shipping Update / ImportFood

Hello again and welcome back. We are offering $5 Flat Rate Shipping for three days this week, a new Panang Pork Recipe, 5# Royal Umbrella, and more. 

NEW: Panang Pork Recipe

We made this using some pork belly (bacon) we got at a local grocery store. We sliced it as shown in photo below. Prepared slowly with our new, premium, all-natural panang curry paste from Mae Pranom and the best coconut milk and palm sugar.

SEE: Panang Pork 

NEW: Panang Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

Highest quality artisan curry paste from Mae Pranom used to make our new recipe above. 

Heat level is 'Medium". Flavor is rich, elegant, and bright. The recipe is tried-and-true, freshest ingredients, so you can make the very best panang.

SEE: Panang Curry Paste - Mae Pranom

5# Royal Umbrella Rice

Good time to buy premium Royal Umbrella Thai jasmine rice. With flat rate shipping, and we just got a large shipment. Get it while it's hot!

See: 5# Royal Umbrella Thai Jasmine Rice 

Thai Longans - Aroy D

We've been selling plenty of longans lately for some reason. This native SE Asian fruit is round, about 1" diameter, with white soft pulp. Longan has a perfumy flavor that is delicate and sweet. Eaten as a snack, often served in a bowl with ice cubes. Highest quality Aroy D brand. New stock.

SEE: Thai Longans - Aroy D

Solid Granite Thai Mortar and Pestle 6"

Recently we got a new delivery after being out of stock for several months. The 6" offers the same great performance of a heavy pestle and extremely hard stone to pound in, and it's more convenient for smaller kitchens with less counter space. Very reasonable price for a great tool that lasts for decades of constant use.

SEE: Solid Granite Thai Mortar Pestle 6"

Back in Stock: Thai Holy Basil - Pad Kapraow Paste

All natural, versatile spicy basil paste from Mae Pranom Thailand. To use, just a bit of oil to your wok and start to fry the meat of your choice. Then add this paste and stir until the meat is done and you can smell the fragrant chile/basil mixture. Serve with fresh jasmine rice, and enjoy!

Ingredients: vegetable oil, chile, seasoning sauce, holy basil leaves, garlic.

SEE: Thai Holy Basil - Pad Kapraow Paste

Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood
Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

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