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Thai Recipe Update / ImportFood

Hello again and Welcome Back.  We really appreciate your support.  In recent months we've shipped higher volumes, welcomed a lot of new customers, and our supply lines have grown stronger.  Today we have a few new items to offer and some suggestions going forward.

NEW: Thai Baby Corn

Tender baby corn is new crop, just arrived, and it tastes so good. Just pop it in your mouth fresh or add to your favorite stir-fry. Packed by Chaokoh. In each can you get about 30 baby corns, they are about 6 inches long.

SEE: Thai Baby Corn

Authentic Recipe: Thai Sesame Chicken Kebabs

We discovered this simple recipe years ago. Our high quality Thai white sesame seeds is the perfect finish.

SEE: Thai Sesame Chicken Kebabs

Roasted Green Peas, Khao Shong Thailand

High quality, big roasted peas from Khao Shong, an established food company in Thailand famous for it's instant coffee and snacks. It's packed in a modern, strong, attractive tin can.

SEE: Roasted Green Peas, Khao Shong Thailand

Thai Brown Jasmine Rice - Aroy D

Just Received: New Crop 2020 in a nice 5 lb bag from Aroy-D is offered a few dollars less than market price. This is excellent rice that cooks well with regular polished white jasmine rice.

SEE: Thai Brown Jasmine Rice - Aroy D

All Natural Coconut Cream Small Box

CLOSEOUT SALE. This product is being phased out so we are offering the remaining stock at a huge discount. Quality is excellent. Rich, all natural coconut cream.

SEE: All Natural Coconut Cream Small Box

NEW: Thai White Sesame Seeds

We have high quality Thai white sesame seeds in a generous 8 oz bag. These are the perfect finish to our chicken kebabs offered above.

SEE: Thai White Sesame Seeds

Thai Sticky Rice

Every year around October there is a shortage of sticky rice, awaiting the new crop in January.  We aren't sure what may happen this year but presently we have a lot of sticky rice on hand and it's a good idea to buy a few extra bags now to ensure your supplies, if you enjoy it.  Highly recommended.

SEE: Thai Sticky Rice

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