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Thai Spices and Fruit Carving Update / ImportFood

We've spent the last week working on these new authentic recipes from Lobo so you can make wonderful dishes at home.  We also highlight traditional Thai flower carving, our classic tamarind candy is back in stock, and on Black Friday we have a great set of four Kiwi Thailand knives.

NEW Recipe: Lobo Five Spice

We prepared this Five Spice (Palo Powder) pork soup with egg.  There is a great recipe on the package, and we prepared it at home. Happy to share.

The instant spice powder from Lobo works perfectly.

SEE: Lobo Five Spice

NEW Recipe: Lobo Namtok

This is probably our favorite Lobo product of all-time, and we just discovered how incredibly good it is.  See photos, very simple to make and extremely delicious.

SEE: Lobo Namtok

NEW Recipe: Lobo Satay

Our best-selling Lobo product has been the satay, and we've been selling this for 20 years.  Often it's hard to keep in stock but we've got plenty now.  For just a few bucks you can make a really sophisticated satay using Lobo mix. Checkout how we made it here.

SEE: Lobo Satay

NEW Recipe: Lobo Red Pork

If you've ever had "moo dang" in Thailand, this will bring back tasty memories. Also known as Char Siu, or Chinese barbeque pork.

Easy to make using our Lobo Red Pork

SEE: Lobo Red Pork

NEW Recipe: Lobo Kao Soi

Most of our Lobo Kao Soi gets sold to restaurants.  We show you how to make it here.

We used a package of 'Chow Mein' noodles that were in the refrigerated section of a local store.

SEE: Lobo Kao Soi

NEW Recipe: Lobo Holy Basil

This tasty seasoning is ordered over and over again by our regular customers. Conveniently packaged in the vacuum pack bag is a special blend of spices.

Simply get out your wok or skillet, heat 1 tablespoon of oil, then add this packet together with 1/2 lb of your favorite meat.

SEE: Lobo Holy Basil

Back in Stock: All Natural Tamarind Candy

Back in stock, traditional tamarind candy in the classic plastic box.

If you have an acquired taste for tamarind, this is a great snack. It's a sour, pure natural tamarind without any preservatives or artificial ingredients. 

SEE: All Natural Tamarind Candy

Street Vendor Video: Flower Carving

Our video filmed in Thailand shows how to carve these flowers quite easily.

SEE: Street Vendor Video: Flower Carving

Kom-Kom Fruit & Vegetable Carving Knife Set

Made by Kiwi, in Kom Kom brand. There is a long tradition of fruit & vegetable carving in Thailand, and we are pleased to offer this set of three specialized knives that are precisely the same thing used by the experts in Thailand.

SEE: Kom-Kom Fruit & Vegetable Carving Knife Set

Back in Stock: Shing Shang w/ Sesame

A very popular snack among our Thai and non-Thai customers.

Perfect all alone as a crunchy snack. Also, sprinkle over a bowl of fresh jasmine rice, or to add crunch to any Thai soup, stir fry or curry.

This is Sesame flavor (most popular). 

SEE: Shing Shang w/ Sesame

Black Friday Special: Set of Four Knives / Kiwi

Get this useful set of four high quality Kiwi knives for a nice discount price.

Included are one of each:

Wood handle chef's knife, 12"
Wood handle pointed knife, 11"
Wood handle chopping knife 12.5"
Multi Purpose Knife

The stainless steel blades are extremely sharp and strong yet light.

Made in Thailand and stamped with Kiwi Brand Made in Thailand.

SEE: Set of Four Knives / Kiwi

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