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ImportFood New Recipe & Product Update

Hello again and thanks for visiting  Today we feature a new Thai recipe for "Thai Sushi", and our very popular "Labuyo" fresh red chile pepper hot sauce is finally back in stock with a fresh batch -- long overdue, we haven't had it for over two years. Our huge Thai flat bottom wok is on sale, and we've reorganized our...
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Guest — Most Reverand Gregori
Import Food has the most delicious Thai food recipes. I have tried many of them and found them to be excellent.
Saturday, 14 January 2017 04:15
Guest — Kerry Montgomery
I don't see the flat bottom wok on sale here or on the website as mentioned in the newsletter.
Saturday, 14 January 2017 14:26
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ImportFood Current Specials Jan 6 2017

Hello again and thanks for visiting  Today we continue to improve our newly-designed website, with a renewed focus on Japanese grocery items offered at our shop.  We also have new "Classic Gold" all natural Thai codo Inaka Udon Noodles.  Our Japanese udon noodles are relatively thick, made of wheat flour, an...
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ImportFood 2017 New Year Update

Happy New Year and Welcome to our newly-designed website! is now mobile-friendly, our Thai Recipes and Street Vendor Videos are neatly organized, and every product page comes with an improved format. As we enter our 18th year in business, we are always deeply thankful to you our wonderful customers. ​NEW Thai Recipe: Gai Pad Pri...
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Guest — Julie Dixon
I really like the new website; it's very clean-looking and easy to read and navigate.
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 09:03
Guest — Chris Wesco
Nice job with the website. Is there a way to set up an account? I don't see a site log in option that would save your info for ord... Read More
Tuesday, 03 January 2017 13:56
Guest — Charles
Really impressed with what you have done. Very nice. Going to have to get use to this new format but it will be worth the intere... Read More
Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:55
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Thai Fried Pork Strips, 'Moo Kratiem Chup Paeng Tod'

This is a marvelous Thai fried pork thanks to the marinade and special flour, and the pork is perfect paired with Thai pineapple chilli sauce.

You might be also interested in our recipe for Thai-Style Fried Chicken.

Moo = Pork. Kratiem = Garlic. Chup = Dip. Paeng = Flour. Tod = Fried. So this is Garlic Pork Flour-Dipped and Fried.

Our Thai batter mix perfectly coats your pork. Our recipe is easy to follow and doesn't take long to make.

See our New Recipe: Thai Fried Pork Strips

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