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Thai Box

Thai Box
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Our Gift Box of hgh quality, delicious imported Thai delicacies for your friends and family.  We will carefully pack it for nice arrival. Free  handwritten gift card will be placed inside if you leave a Comment at checkout of what you'd like the card to say.

Included are one of each:
Thai Bird Chilli Powder
Thai Holy Basil Paste
Fish Sauce, Cock
Thai Pepper Powder
Pad Thai (2 Packs)
New Crop Thai Jasmine Rice, Aroy-D, 5 lb
Coconut Cream Powder
Satay Seasoning (peanut sauce)
Extra Fine Thai Chilli Powder
Spicy Chicken in Rice
Thai Fried Rice
Laab Namtok
Sweet and Sour
Printout of our Namtok Recipe (to help get started)

All Made in Thailand.

Added Bonus: Order before December 6 and we will also add one Japanese Somen.


Thai Beef Namtok Salad

We prepared this quickly using Lobo Namtok Seasoning Mix.  We also have a recipe to make Namtok from scratch.  Namtok means 'waterfall' in Thai so this is waterfall beef.  You may also be interested in our Mama Namtok instant noodles.

Be sure to use fresh shallots which are really important to this recipe.

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